Documentation Needed

All students with permanent or temporary disabilities seeking to register with the OSD must provide documentation of their disability from a qualified professional.* Disability documentation is the basis for accommodation decisions and recommendations for services. The determination of services is a deliberative process that includes the student and is based on the student’s functional limitations identified in the documentation whether the disability is permanent or temporary. Students should make every effort to provide documentation when they come in to register with OSD.

To learn more about OSD’s documentation requirements and forms that must be completed before meeting with an OSD Disability Specialist, please review the following:

Learning Disabilities:


Psychological Disabilities:

If a student believes he/she has a learning disability, AD/HD or a psychological disability that needs to be accommodated and does not have the required documentation, OSD has a process by which the student can be screened for a disability. To find out more about our screening process go to……….

Acquired Brain Injury:

Physical Disabilities:

Health-Related Disabilities:

Visual Impairments:

Hearing Impairments:

If there has been a change in the disability over time, especially since the initial diagnosis, OSD will request documentation that reflects the current functional limitations. This is necessary to determine the most appropriate accommodations.

* OSD does not accept documentation from a professional who is a parent or relative of the student.